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Location - Freeport

Beautiful sunset - Sushi Cafe front  Photos by  Tony XQ Chen

Beautiful sunset - Sushi Cafe front

Photos by Tony XQ Chen


Sushi Cafe is located across the street from the historic William Land Park on Freeport Blvd and within walking distance from the Sacramento City College. For 16 years, Sushi Cafe continues to be the staple for fine Japanese dining in Sacramento. 


(916) 452-6888 Freeport Location


4491 Freeport Blvd Sacramento, CA 95822


M–Th 11a–930p
Sa 12p–10p
Su 12p-9p

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Sushi Cafe Main Dining Area

Sushi Cafe Main Dining Area

Sushi Café was founded by the executive chef and owner, Bryant Lee, an entrepreneur with a passion for food and his community. Sushi Cafe opened its doors in the Winter of 2001, serving delicious sushi dishes at exquisite prices. It's success is due to a large community support and love for Japanese food. In return Sushi Cafe strives to give back to its community whenever possible and involves itself in community events throughout the year. After all, the people and our community are what make all of this possible.

Chef Lee’s achievement comes not only from the mastery of his craft but also from the satisfaction of meeting an essential need for his costumers. His menu keeps up with the times while still keeping the true Japanese cuisine as the core of all his dishes. Freshness is the key to every delectable dish! The Chef can be spotted roaming the town in order to hunt for the best local ingredients for his dishes. He buys a majority of Sushi Cafe’s ingredients locally because of these prevalent reasons: He is a firm believer in shorter distance from farm to table results in better tasting vegetables, Chef Lee predominantly uses the best locally grown ingredients in his dishes. As a fellow small business owner, he also understands the vital role that small businesses play in the community. For Chef Lee, this is a self-sustaining cycle that ensures a thriving community.

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